Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Enfield can be an historic artwork that goes way beyond the follow of asanas – postures. It really is a philosophy that goes back to your instances in advance of the religions existed much more than two,000 several years back. It’s a philosophy that talks about union. It talks about union in between all human beings and in addition about union using a greater energy that itself connects us all.

What exactly is Yoga?

Yoga is surely an ancient artwork which has the goal of bringing the practitioner back again on the real self. The traditional scriptures notify us that the real self will be the state of bliss. It’s a condition of internal contentment. The sage Patanjali who wrote the ‘Yoga Sutra’ – an historical recorded text on yoga codifying the program to date – gave the definition of yoga as ‘Yoga chiti vriti nirodha’. This translates from the authentic Sanskrit into English to this means that yoga is definitely the halting from the fluctuations of the psyche. Historically there are already two main paths of yoga — raja yoga and hatha yoga – and these both of those eventually purpose for command around the head. Asana exercise – the practice of yoga postures – was established in order to stabilise us for sitting down during meditation. Yoga was made ultimately to deliver us into meditation and therefore further states of awareness.


Now the following query arises what on earth is meditation or dhyana in Sanskrit? Meditation could be the stilling from the thoughts from the stilling of the human body.

Also pranayama – the respiration methods of yoga – goal to continue to the breath and therefore even now the brain.

Our meditational procedures in yoga assistance us to beat the moi. The ego is individuality. But in fact we’re all related and with yoga we realise this link. The definition of yoga is union. As a result of the practice of yoga one realises the union in between the you who you believe that you are, that’s your particular person consciousness, plus the you who you truly are – that is definitely you’re a section of a supreme consciousness. In an effort to transcend between the person consciousness as well as supreme consciousness one particular wants to beat the moi. As well as in purchase to overcome the moi we’d like just what the Upanishad texts explain as Vivek Chudamani. This is the crown jewel of your energy of discrimination above what on earth is serious and what is not. As a result we need to be able to see that actually there is no I but that we’ve been all related.

We need to ascertain what it means to come back back towards the correct self – or exactly what is self realisation. Self realisation is in essence pinpointing on your own as peace and pleasure. When you finally have made this correct identification you might just radiate peace and joy.

The Chakras

A single strategy for looking at yoga is when it comes to the chakras (energy points inside of us). Now yoga aims for the best operating of every one of the chakras in just us. This lifts us from specific consciousness to supreme consciousness.

The Vedas

Now the Vedas – the scriptures which speak about understanding – claim that you will find three flaws while in the brain. They are mala which is dust, waste, abnormal ideas and emotions. Then there exists vikshep which can be instability and after that there exists avaran which implies protect. The existence of avaran signifies that it’s really difficult for us to see the reality.

The traditional philosophy of India was named Sanathana Dharma which may be translated as this means the eternal law. It noticed anything in the universe as remaining linked, as having a religious union – that’s male, animals, mother nature, the entire universe. In Vedic periods – the periods in which the Vedas were being published – the whole world was referred to as Vasudevakudambakam which implies a person planet household. After we contemplate the entire world as just one family members, we expertise genuine spirituality. The planet at the moment was viewed as currently being past the distinctions introduced about by race, nation or religion. Spirituality is about seeing the unity in all items.

The Paths of Yoga

Transferring on from this information, it’s important for us to grasp there are several various paths of yoga all of which direct us back again to self realisation or internal pleasure.

Karma yoga will be the yoga of action. It’s about eliminating mala. There are 2 distinctive types of motion or karma. Sakam requires seeking the fruit of one’s steps whereas nishkam is purer. It consists of not seeking the fruit’s of one’s actions but acting by means of a pure coronary heart and pure brain with no thought for expectation. Dwelling a lifetime of nishkam karma qualified prospects to your happier, more well well balanced and peaceful lifestyle.

Bhakti yoga could be the yoga of devotion. There exists conditional devotion, having said that unconditional devotion is what is necessary to remove vikshep or instability.

Gyana yoga will be the yoga of data. It exists in an effort to eliminate avaran or protect. Gyana yoga talks a great deal about the mother nature of consciousness. Now the character of consciousness is usually explained as ‘sat chit anand’. ‘Sat’ is existence or real truth. We’ve been all immortal from the perception that we’ve been all souls as well as soul itself is immortal. This can be our genuine character. We are all looking for our accurate immortal selves – our souls. That is why we consistently aim to dwell a longer daily life – we are hoping to attach with our legitimate selves – our immortal souls. ‘Chit’ is knowledge – consequently we’re all seeking wisdom, we are looking for the knowledge that inherently is inside every one of us. ‘Anand’ is bliss. Happiness is the fact which we have now all often searched for and in the deepest main of our beings we are all fundamentally joy or bliss. To the basis of sat chit anand we have been all trying to find self realisation or interior pleasure via awareness.

Raja yoga is definitely the kingly path. Equally as a king delivers law and purchase into his kingdom, the practitioner of raja yoga guidelines the kingdom inside – the kingdom of your senses, so fairly than getting ruled with the senses, the yogi is inside of a condition of peace and it has his/her senses below handle. The yogi brings regulation and buy within just.


Following the Vedic period of Indian philosophy, the Vedantic period commenced. Vedanta implies the end in the Vedas – the time the place understanding ceases and self realisation commences.

Within the Vedantic custom of philosophy, we read through there are 5 levels above the consciousness which cease us from figuring out with who we’ve been. We’ve been all actually so caught up in these 5 levels that we predict we’re these five layers. These layers are recognised in Vedanta as being the ‘panch kosha’. The term ‘panch’ signifies five as well as the term ‘kosha’ usually means envelopes or coverings above our consciousness. Using the apply of yoga we transfer towards the innermost layer.

The first layer known as the food items body or perhaps the bodily physique. This really is known as the annamaya kosha. It is actually our actual physical body made up of the nutritients we now have eaten – protein, minerals and so forth. Several periods we identify ourselves with all the actual physical overall body and do not look outside of that. Even though we’re only investigating the bodily overall body it truly is essential to realise the foodstuff we consume helps make up our body and our brain. Hence by ingesting healthily in addition to by training we manage a healthful and therefore pleased physical and psychological condition.

The next layer is called the pranamaya kosha which would be the electricity or etheric body. Prana is often named breath, oxygen or vital energy and pertains to the chi of Chinese philosophy. Oxygen is required for each and every cell of our physique. Trees and plants release oxygen hence we feel alive when we are surrounded by and at a single with nature.

The third layer is recognized as the manomaya kosha or perhaps the psychological human body. From this being familiar with we are able to enjoy that the head plus the entire body are related. That is why we are physically much more wholesome whenever we maintain a favourable outlook. Laughter and joy always generate great health and fitness.

The fourth layer could be the gyanamaya kosha or intuitive human body. This is where we knowledge our sixth feeling. The responses to all of our queries are located in fact within the fourth layer.

And also to be from the recognition in the fifth layer is our ultimate aim as yogis — this can be the bliss human body -or anandmaya kosha. We practical experience this when we have transcended the moi absolutely and have turn into aware about who we actually are and our link with every thing. Yoga is a journey that normally takes us from annamaya kosha to anandmaya kosha. As soon as now we have reached anandmaya kosha we then are living during the bliss system.

It can be stated that meditation is usually a apply that permits us to go beyond the head and senses to your deeper degrees to discover who we actually are.

Within the tactics of yoga, asanas focus on the food body, pranayama functions about the power body and dhyana or meditation is effective about the mental human body. As a result the 3 tactics of yoga press us even more and even further towards the deepest kosha.


A ‘turiya’ can be a one that has transcended the 5 koshas. The Turiya state may be the transcendental self. It’s not necessarily influenced by just about anything – neither likes nor dislikes. It is in a balanced point out. After we get to this point out – after we are inside the bliss body – then we are over and above both equally enjoyment and suffering. We exercise yoga to be able to shift away from currently being your body, the mind along with the breath and just move to remaining the person around the within.

The Ashtanga

The raja yoga of Patanjali talks about managing the brain and therefore the breath and hence the body. It’s got eight limbs hooked up to it – the asthanga. The phrase asht suggests eight as well as term anga usually means limbs. The main steps of your asthanga are yama and niyama. Yama are social procedures and restrictions and niyama are particular principles and rules. Just these two limbs alone are sufficient to present one particular self realisation. One other paths of yoga also just take a single to self realisation. To debate these further more, yama involves ahimsa (non violence), satya (fact and honesty, asteya (non stealing), bramacharya (functioning as outlined by the supreme consciousness – which results in acting in stability) and aparigraha (non accumulation or simply a perception of non possession).

Niyama contains sauch (cleanliness which includes psychological cleanliness), santosh (contentment), tapa (austerity or self self-discipline), swadhyaya (self review) and Ishwar parnidhan (belief inside the Supreme or seeing the Supreme in all the things).

The eight limbs of yoga, the asthanga, are as follows – yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, dhyan and samadhi.

Dharna is one pointedness wherever one particular is so targeted to the item of concentration that each one other ideas vanish.

Pratyahara is withdrawal through the senses. Continuous follow of asanas and pranayama provides one to pratyahara. All the methods of meditation are pratyahara.

Samadhi is oneness along with the universe. At the time one has crossed dhyan and achieved Samadhi, the notice of ‘I’ disappears. There exists only oneness together with the concentrate of your respective meditation, and eventually along with the universe. At Samadhi the ego disappears and there is a realisation that we’ve been all related.

In just Samadhi there may be savikalpa samadhi wherever some seeds of ‘I’ are remaining and there may be nirvikalpa samadhi the place no seeds are still left. In yoga the aim should be to shift toward nirvikalpa samadhi.


In keeping with Patanjali the last word goal of yoga is to kewalya the place there’s no return from samadhi. This is the point out of oneness using the universe wherein there is certainly no sense of self, no feeling of ‘I’, no moi and no consciousness of it to return to. It is simply a state in which we realise how we have been all connected and it’s a condition of bliss because it’s the place we’ve prevail over all the attachments in the pleasures and pains that attachment to this product globe provides. It really is the place we join together with the supreme self and knowledge our all-natural point out of bliss. It is actually at this point the place we now have realised our real self by the exercise of yoga.

Yoga goes further than the mere exercise of asanas, over and above even meditation and pranayama and in simple fact brings us nearer to our original state of self realisation.


Yoga teaches us to go deeper in ourselves and in this further awareness there’s a fantastic sense of shanti or peace we could all draw from. In the end pretty much as good yoga pupils it can be this feeling of peace inside of which we are all hunting for.

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